Collision Awareness

Proactive Proximity Alert Warnings

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In Development: Summer 2024 Commercial Launch

Reduce Aircraft Ground Damage

The Collision Awareness module leverages the connected network of proximity based software and hardware devices of the NDX Central platform to reduce aircraft ground damage and hangar rash at FBOs by providing proactive proximity alerts around the ramp.

When a towing operation is executed with the NDX towing beacons, the Collision Awareness module provides the tug driver with proactive proximity alerts. Additionally, proactive proximity alert warnings apply to all GSE equipped with NDX hardware. This system is designed to require little user interaction, allowing them to keep their heads up and mind alert.

The Collision Awareness module proactive proximity alerts are delivered to line service technicians with audible alarms.

Collision Awareness is designed to enhance the GroundOps module and will seamlessly integrate with your existing GroundOps software.

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