Inspections and Fuel Quality Control

Proximity-based recordkeeping

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Based on ATA 103: Standards for Jet fuel Quality Control at Airports


In partnership with NATA


With our Ground Sentinel (mobile handheld device), inspectors can digitally complete all ATA 103 inspections with or without Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Online Dashboard

The Inspections module is integrated into the NDX Central online dashboard for remote-access to view high level compliance reports or quick access to all the details of your ATA 103 inspection history.

Proximity-Based Recordkeeping

Using NDX's hardware and software solution, management can require location verification when performing fuel quality and equipment inspections.

User Management

Easily maintain security profiles and data access across the different roles in your organization.

Corrective Actions

Users can easily sign off inspection discrepancies or return equipment to service by summarizing Corrective Actions with pictures, videos, and talk-to-text dictation.

Equipment inventory

Keep all relevant equipment documentation in a central location.