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Q1 2024


Experience unmatched control and efficiency with GroundOps, your all- in-one program for exceptional ground handling services. Our innovative features offer real-time visibility, comprehensive aircraft insights, personnel management, and safety enhancements to elevate the standards of your FBO. Discover how GroundOps can transform your ramp and hangar operations, ensuring precision, safety, and superior service delivery.


NDX Dashboard

Get a live birds-eye view of your ramps and the broader airport environment. Better understand who is coming and going, who is parked where, and the different operations surrounding each aircraft at your operations.

Aircraft Profile

Gain an intricate understanding of every plane that arrives to your FBO. Access detailed flight information, historical movement data, and records of past resource assignments to deepen your knowledge of each aircraft. This feature enhances the customer service experience and optimizes operational planning for incoming and outgoing flights.

Personnel Statistics

A look back at each line technician's experience. Critical information such as towing and fueling experience is automatically updated and easily available.

Wing Walker Verification

Enhance towing safety and accountability by confirming the presence of authorized personnel during aircraft towing activities, reducing the risk of accidents and errors.

NDX Insights

Gain valuable data-driven insights about your FBO and how your operations stack up to your competitors.

Hangar and Ramp Utilization

Maximize revenue generation by efficiently utilizing your facilities, ensuring aircraft are parked, serviced, and stored in the most space-effective manner.

Incident Investigation

Quickly and accurately understand the state of a ramp or hangar at the time of an incident. Quickly identify contributing factors, enabling proactive measures and enhanced safety protocols.

Digital Pre-Tow Checklists

Enhance safety and compliance by systematically verifying critical steps and details before aircraft towing.

Towing Reports

Simplify record-keeping and compliance reporting while gaining insights into each towing operation. Users are able to better understand each operation, enabling them to improve their safety protocols and operational efficiency.